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UN to Burners: Lay Down Your iPhones

SAN FRANCISCO–UNUCC Commander EDW Lynch issued a statement today once again vigorously urging Burning Man participants to lay down their iPhones while they are on the playa. The San Francisco Statement on Electronic Narcissism and Burning Man recalls last year’s Resolution 0191 which identified Burning Man as a UN Abnormal Behavior Containment Safe Zone, and the subsequent Twitter Embargo, which banned the smuggling of tweets and other electronic communications out of the Burning Man zone.

See you in ten days. Photo cc Julia/foxgrrl


Attention Burning Man Participants:

In 2009 the United Nations declared Burning Man to be an internationally recognized Abnormal Behavior Containment Safe Zone with UN Resolution 0191.  To be clear, the international community encourages you to engage freely in your abnormal activities within the safe confines of this isolated desert camp. It is the position of the United Nations Normalcy Council that what occurs at Burning Man is outside the purview of international law and oversight.

But you are vigorously reminded that the protections afforded you by Resolution 0190 require you to adhere to the Stockholm Plan for Abnormal Behavior Containment, and your most critical responsibility is to ensure the safe isolation of your abnormal activities.  The international community has come to a consensus regarding your activities at Burning Man, and, to put it simply, we don’t care.

We, your friends and neighbors, indeed the entire global village, do not care what you’re doing out there.  We don’t care when and if you’ve found yourself or your degree of hydration or inebriation. We don’t want to see your pictures. We get that you’re taking a break from society. But did it occur to you that society might need to take a break from you?

So please, Burning Man participant: lay down your iPhone. Resist the urge to tell us what you’re doing at Burning Man in real-time. Know that your tweets and photos do not enrich our lives, but rather, annoy us.

And be warned that the United Nations Unconventional Culture Commission (UNUCC) is vigorously enforcing the Twitter Embargo of Burning Man.  Your tweets will result in stern sanctions, and your Foursquare mayorships will be used against you by international tribunals.

The utility of Burning Man for you is to enjoy hallunicogens and dance music, be weird, and indulge in finding yourself. But the utility of Burning Man for the international community is to safely dissipate your weirdness far, far away from us.

We strongly urge you to adhere to UN Resolution 0190 and the Twitter Embargo of Burning Man.

Internationally yours,

Commander EDW Lynch

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UNUCC Warns Cardboard Extremists to Disarm

UNUCC personnel monitor the disposal of weaponized cardboard tubes

SAN FRANCISCO- The United Nations Unconventional Culture Commission (UNUCC) warns extremist cardboard militants to lay down their cardboard tubes or face vigorous observation and inspection. United Nations monitors have detected shipments of weaponized cardboard poster tubes entering the San Francisco area, as well as signals intelligence indicating cardboard violence is imminent.

According to cardboard extremist website the Cardboard Tube Fighting League, fighting will break out tomorrow in San Francisco’s peaceful Hayes Valley yuppie enclave. The CTFL has been known to the United Nations for some time, and the radical organization is notorious for instigating tube violence on an international scale, with disturbing reports of cardboard conflict as far away as Japan. Details posted on CTFL:

What: CTFL Tournament and Potluck at Hayes Valley Farm, San Francisco
Where: The Hayes Valley Farm (450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102)
When: Sunday, June 20th, 2010, The fun starts at 3pm.
Entry Fee: Free, tubes provided!

The UN Normalcy Council has authorized a multinational inspection and monitoring force to vigorously observe militants. Commander EDW Lynch urges militants to submit peaceably to inspections and refrain from attacking the UN observers.

UN Announces International Twitter Tribunal

The International Twitter Tribunal will strike fear in the hearts of those who would overshare electronically.  Photo cc Yang Yu

The International Twitter Tribunal will strike fear in the hearts of those who would overshare electronically. Photo cc Yang Yu

Despite the United Nations Unconventional Culture Commission’s strongly worded Twitter Embargo, illegal tweets emanating from the Burning Man Safe Zone have not been curtailed. In response to this growing Web 2.0 crisis, the Normalcy Council has formed the first ever International Twitter Tribunal. The tribunal is tasked with prosecuting the vast number of tweet criminals and rogue Foursquare mayors who have flaunted UN Resolution 0191, the Twitter Embargo of Burning Man.

@Mike_FTW is among a number of Tweet Extremists defying the UN Twitter Embargo

@Mike_FTW is among a number of Tweet Extremists defying the UN Twitter Embargo

Unfortunately there is very little international legal precedent regarding chronically narcissistic electronic oversharing exemplified by the glut of inane tweets from the Burning Man Safe Zone. Prosecutors are expected to base their cases on the 1849 London Agreement on Spurious Telegrams which specifically forbids “the transmission of spurious, inane, mediocre, or narcissistic electrical communiqués across international borders.” The agreement was last applied in the controversial hanging of the self-involved Dutch telegraph operator and amateur poet Jens Blurgenburg in 1908.

There is no word yet on a timeline for prosecution, but UNUCC Commander EDW Lynch noted that “these tweet extremists are building the very cases against them, 140 characters at a time.”

UNUCC Expresses Elevated Concern About Cardboard Tube Buildup

UNUCC Observers inspected cardboard tube debris during a 2008 skirmish

UNUCC observers inspect cardboard tube debris during a 2008 skirmish

UNUCC observers deployed in San Francisco are reporting a deeply alarming buildup of cardboard tube stockpiles near Golden Gate Park.  Similar buildups of weapons-grade cardboard tubes in 2008 resulted in three outbreaks of tube conflict, including a cardboard tube fight witnessed firsthand by UNUCC observers.

UNUCC urges a diplomatic solution for tube tensions and asks all cardboard militants to lay down their tubes and accept an internationally brokered distubament agreement.

Civilians and humanitarian workers are strongly cautioned against going to Golden Park this Sunday at 4pm due to the high likelihood of cardboard tube conflict.

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